Construction Waste Management

A percentage of the waste generated from construction activity (50% for 1 point, and 75% for 2 points) has to be diverted from a landfill to a recycling center.


The percentage is measured by weight so your waste management subcontractor needs to provide you weight tickets for every dumpster she pulls off your jobsite.


In my very limited experience, achieving 75% of construction waste diverted from land fills was relatively easy to achieve because so much heavy waste is recyclable.  Our percentage was especially helped by the concrete that was dumped on our site from the excess and wash-out concrete the mixing trucks left behind.  We scooped up this concrete and put it in the recycled concrete dumpster and got a very heavy weight ticket that greatly helped out percentage.


Actually getting an innovation point (for a total of three points) by recycling 95% is a pretty reasonable goal if your project Superintendent is vigilant in monitoring the Waste Management Plan closely and recycling every bit of waste that can be recycled.


There is not much waste from a construction project that can't be recycled, but the trick is to find a local recycling center that will accept everything that you think you can recycle.


Land clearing debris (dirt, trees, rocks, ect.) does not count toward your percentage, but concrete and asphalt surfaces taken to a recycling center or recycled right on your job site as fill material do count.  This recycled material can have a significant impact on your recycled percentage.



    1. The waste management subcontractor also needs to provide several dumpsters at once to your jobsite so you can segregate the waste on site.  Ensure you clearly mark the dumpsters with a big sign saying: WOOD ONLY, METAL ONLY, ect.  Keep in mind that having several smaller dumpsters as opposed to one big dumpster is going to raise your GC costs.

    2. Another option I've seen implemented was putting all recyclable materials in one dumpster and having your Waste Management Subcontractor segregate it all and provide you weight tickets for each type of segregated material and the name of the recycling center the materials was taken to.

Below are Example Photos you can upload along with your Submittal Template to show how you segregated your recycled Construction Waste.

Segregating Construction Waste